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Cam hành trình Taplo N95 (2 cam, GPS, wifi, 3g)
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    Cam hành trình Taplo N95 (2 cam, GPS, wifi, 3g)

    Cam hành trình Taplo đa năng N95 với màn hình 7 in, hệ điều hành Adroi, 2 cam trước sau, cam lùi, GPS, wifi, 3G thật sự là rất tiệc ích, không cần sắm nhiều thiết bị, chỉ 1 là đủ cho Quý khách hàng.
    Đặt biệt có thể dân đường Free bằng tải app Goomap, heromap,... rất tiện lợi.

    Bảo hành: 12 tháng
    KM: thẻ 16g + lắp đặt Free HCM
    (Mua tự gắn giảm ngay 150K )
    Đặt hàng sản phẩm -13%
    Giá bán : 3,899,000 đ
    Giá thị trường : 4,500,000 đ
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    Thu gọn

    Cam hành trình Taplo đa năng N95 với màn hình 7 in, hệ điều hành Adroi, 2 cam trước sau, cam lùi chia vạch, GPS, wifi, 3G , FM, Buetooth thật sự là rất tiệc ích, không cần sắm nhiều thiết bị, chỉ 1 là đủ cho Quý khách hàng, N95 là sự kết hợp vừa hành trình vừa giải trí xứng đáng là đa năng nhất hiện nay trên thị trường.

    Đặt biệt có thể dân đường Navitel bản quyền hoặc Free bằng tải app
    Sygic gps navigation, Goodmap, heromap,... rất tiện lợi không tốn phí.
    HD: Quý khách đăng ký email đăng nhập tải app : Sygic car navigation về dùng hoàn toàn Free nhé 
    Hình ảnh dẫn đường 3D khá chuyên nghiệp

    Item specifics:

    Systems:Android 5.0 Lollipop systems 
    Quad core
     Touch screen:7"
    Capacitive Touch screen 1280*480
    Camera Resolution:1920x1080 DVR functionality:Full HD 1080P
     Screen Ratio:16:9 RAM / ROM :RAM 1GB / ROM 16GB (System will occupy 3GB) 
    Dual lens:Yes,Support
    Dual lens recording simultaneously
     Pixels:500Mega Assembly Mode:After The Loading Machine Integrated Max External Memory:32G Interface:AV-Out,WI-FI,Micro SD/TF,USB2.0,Bluetooth Battery Life:Connect car charger use
    Note: The device needs to be connected to the car charger, if you do not use the car charger, the device will automatically sleep after 5 seconds.
    Packaging accessories 1x Host computer 1x Reversing camera 1x GPS module  1x Car charger 1x 32GB card


    7-inch Dual lens Touch Screen Display 

    This dvr support Dual lens video display. It also provides instant video playback. Prove your innocence in seconds whilst remaining on the road.  Built-in Android 5.0 Operating System   Build in RAM1GB+ROM 16GB internal storage, there is about 0.8GB available for application installation, and about 12GB internal storage available for data storage. 3G Network Surfing       Just add one 2G or 3G sim card can make you connect to the internet. It's network band support 2G GSM(1900/1800/850/900); 3G WCDMA B1 (2100).Makes your car dvr surfing internet, anytime, anywhere.


    Detailed Maps with Free Updates

    Beautiful 3D landmarks, buildings,parks and mountains,help you find your bearing in unfamiliar areas. Driving with Sygic GPS Navigation is both practical and enjoyable.  
    Navigate Complex Interchanges with Ease   Junsun GPS Navigation has lane assist with junction view that displays upcoming junctions and uses brightly colored arrows to indicate your proper lane. and easily navigate complex interchanges.  
    More Information at a Glance The device keeps your driving map onscreen at all times and additional information appears alongside. For details, simply ask or touch the screen. As you drive your route, Up Ahead constantly informs you of nearby services, including fuel stations, hospitals .


    Bluetooth Function                   

    Thanks to bluetooth hands-free, after pairing the bluetooth between dvr and smartphone,you could make and receive calls directly from the mirror dvr itself with the built-in MIC and speaker.
    Wi-Fi Connecting   If there is WiFi network available nearby, DVR with WiFI. 


    Rear View Carera                     

    When the car in Reverse Gear, this car DVR GPS will automatically switch to the back-up camera image view with parking line. Auto backup camera HD Square Waterproof rear-view lens plate camera with extra-long 255 inch / 6.5 m cable included, it can be installed inside the car‘s rear window or outside of pick-up truck when reverse is selected. Rear camera connection directions Connect the red wire to your tail light's positive electrode.


    FM Transmitter function  

    When this car dvr sets up the same FM frequency as car radio (eg.87.9), dvr will output the audio via FM transmitter function to your car speaker.  Multimedia function Watching HD movies playing games, browsing the web, or reading the graphics with bright colors, and provides detailed maps views.


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